This actor’s Twitter reaction to last night’s EastEnders slip-up is hilair!

The drama continues on EastEnders tonight as Lucy Beale's killer is FINALLY revealed. But last night's show provided just as much entertainment for viewers, as poor Jo Joyner referred to another character by the wrong name – and the cast definitely got in on the joke today!

Jo, who plays Tanya on the show, was meant to ask Ian Beale's wife Jane, "How's Ian?" during one of last night's live segments. However in a VERY awkward slip-up, she instead asked "How's Adam?", in reference to Adam Woodyatt, who plays Ian.

Poor Jo took to Twitter shortly afterwards saying she was "gutted" by the mistake:

However her fellow cast member Jake Wood, who plays Max Branning, saw the funny side of things when he tweeted a mock-up of a script rewrite on Twitter today, asking Jo and Adam what they thought:


We can't wait to see if anyone else slips up tonight! For now, we're watching this on repeat – we know we shouldn't laugh but we can't help it!