Hilarious live EastEnders fail goes viral


If you watched the live episodes of EastEnders last night you may or may not have caught a certain actress fluffing her lines in a MAJOR way.

Poor Tanya, played by Jo Joyner, was speaking with Jane Beale about her upcoming nuptials when she accidentally referred to Ian by his real name, Adam. Oops!

Joy’s reaction has since gone viral with Twitter allowing her mistake to take on a life of its own…

Thankfully, Jo managed to see the funny side of the entire thing, but did admit that she was ‘gutted’: “You never answered me @LauriebrettX how is @AdamaWoodyatt?…#leastyouknowitslive #gutted.”

Oops! Ah well, we were just happy to have Tan' back on the squear!