6-year old Audrey is better at Zumba than you can imagine

Meet your new spirit animal, Audrey.

She is six-years old and better at Zumba than many of us will probably ever be.

The dancing sensation suffers from a disease called Diamond Blackfan Anemia, a blood disorder. Her body does not produce red blood cells, DBA is a very rare disorder.

It means that she required blood transfusions every 3-5 weeks in order to survive. The other treatment option is a steroid which only roughly 40 per cent of patients actually receive the benefit.

Despite her illness, Audrey loves to dance, and her parents upload her videos from her Zumba classes to a Facebook page which aims to help raise awareness for the rare blood condition.

Scott and Julie, Audrey’s parents have explained that DBA is so rare that it is also severely under researched.

They are hoping that by helping Audrey spread the word about DBA in such a cheerful way, they can help to get more research in place dedicated to DBA treatments.