Thinking of cheating? Think again, this Twitter page will catch you out

In a world of Tinder and online dating, it’s now easier than ever to embark on an illicit relationship outside of your own while keeping your partner none the wiser.

Luckily, there is a special place on Twitter (and in hell) where cheaters get caught out on their sneakiness, as well as an app for catching cheating spouses.

Suspect your partner of some cyber two-timing? Twitter page Are They Loyal? is here to help.

The page, which is awash with hilarious memes and relationship observations, also provides a specific service to help catch out a possibly cheating boyfriend or girlfriend.

Once you give them your partner’s details, they will text them with an attractive photo of a random person, and ask them to meet up, essentially catfishing them into proving their loyalty.

The page then publishes the short conversations onto Twitter for the world to see, calling out the cheaters and praising the loyal.

The page has over 210,000 followers who log on to see the latest cheating scandals and even send in some of their own to be posted.

The page has been branded “psycho” by commentators. “This isn’t funny, being this jealous is unhealthy and toxic,” said one.

However, others praise the page for promoting faithfulness and calling out cheaters on their two-timing ways.