Think your fella hasn’t a clue about periods? They actually know a lot

Most of us think that guys don't really have a clue about periods, right?

Some do, some don't – it differs from man to man.

But, it turns out that they might know a whole lot more than we think.

Teva recently conducted a survey which questioned 5,000 heterosexual men in relationships from 12 countries in Europe to find out how much they really know about menstruation – and it actually surprised us.

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When asked about the length of a period, the guys got it spot on, with the average answer of 5.2 days for women who don't take contraception, and 4.6 days for ladies who do.

And when it came to the top problems us women experience when Aunt Flo is in town, they answered pretty accurately with mood swings, irritability and pelvic pain.

However, one thing they still haven't copped onto is how sore our cramps can be, as the study found that they don't think periods are that painful.

And, for some reason, most men surveyed either didn't know or didn't believe that women get periods every month…

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Dr Iñaki Lete, who led the research, said: "Prior to hormonal birth control becoming a contraceptive option, men had little awareness of what a woman experiences during menstruation.

"In the 50 years since the first contraceptive became widely available, men have become increasingly aware of how their partner experiences menstruation.

"These findings reflect wider societal changes, particularly where couples are encouraged to discuss previously taboo topics such as menstruation and contraception."

So, it looks like your boyf may know more about your body after all.