Things you can do for Mother’s Day that cost NOTHING


While shops may be brimming with flowers, chocolates and cards, not everyone is in a position to drop money on their mum this Mother’s Day.

If you’re skint, it doesn’t mean all you can do is make your mum a card (although it’s a nice idea) there are also some other things you could do…

Here are some things you can do for your mum this Mother’s Day that won’t cost you a penny (well, maybe about 30c..):

1. Breakfast in bed
Major cliché – but for a reason. No coconut flour pancakes with an acai and kale smoothie here – that stuff costs. Keep it simple with tea and buttery toast and we reckon your mum will wake up with a smile on her face.

2. Walk/hike/cycle
Whatever your mum’s preferred method of exercise, why not offer to join in with her? A lovely walk in the woods or a hike somewhere will lead to some very beautiful mum-daughter selfies when you reach the peak!

3. Movie day/night
Grab blankets, popcorn and a rake load of mum-daughter friendly movies such as Now and Then, Stepmom and Fried Green Tomatoes. Light the fire and snuggle up for a movie marathon!

4. Clean
If you live at home you should be pitching in on this anyway but there’s no doubt it would take a load off your mum’s mind if you did a good spring-clean of the kitchen. Why not pick some flowers from the garden to surprise her with too? Just make sure they’re not her award-winning roses…

5. Write her a letter
Handwritten letters are underrated these days. Getting one is a serious novelty, especially if you live far away. Write your mum a letter, try to find news you haven’t told her over the phone yet, and remind her of all the amazing reasons she’s the best mum in the world. We promise she’ll treasure it and all it will cost you is the stamp.