Things we really need to stop worrying about – now!

Some of us are just natural worriers and can’t think about anything without considering the absolute worst case scenario. Even if you can’t help stressing out every once in a while, there are certain things that just aren’t worth the energy of getting into a flap about…

Not having plans on a Friday night
Scrolling through Facebook, all you see are #partaaaaaay statuses and pictures of snazzy cocktails. Who cares though if you’re not out painting the town red tonight? Every self-respecting woman knows that an evening of Netflix, wine and pyjamas DOES in fact equal plans.

What your friends have achieved versus what you’ve achieved
Just because your best pal landed a dream job right out of college does not mean you should be beating yourself up about your current unemployment. Sometimes life throws a curve ball at you – believe in your abilities and remember that you have plenty of time to make your mark, too.

Not drinking enough water
Way back when, someone decided that eight glasses of water was the perfect amount for each of us to consume every day. Truth is though, we get water from many sources, so don’t add how much of it you’re drinking to your list of worries. Juice, coffee and tea all contain water, as do fruit, veg and even rice and pasta.

Overusing social media
Every generation has their bad habits, and if ours is that we rely on Twitter and Facebook too much, so what? Our own kids will be “addicted” to something else, as were our parents before us. It’s all good.

Settling down
Whether you feel pressure to move in with your long-term boyfriend, or if you’re worried that you’ve had a few too many one-night stands, it’s time to realise just how little these things will really matter in ten years’ time. You’re young! Enjoy your life and deal with all the grown-up stuff later.

What other people think
If there’s one thing you should DEFINITELY not waste your time worrying about, it’s what other people think of your actions, your opinions or your style. Firstly, most people are too busy stressing about their own lives to notice what you’re doing with yours, and secondly, anyone who makes you feel bad about yourself should not be a part of your social circle in the first place.