Things that always happen on a cinema date


It can be testing, a cinema date. While it may seems so simply just to pick a movie, go to the cinema, watch it and return home with your love, it’s not always so easy…

Here are some things that happen every time we go on a cinema date:

1. The movie decision
Which movie, you ask. Whichever one you like my love, he says. Before telling you that apparently Robotz 47 is really good. Unless there is a middle-ground movie that everyone is dying to see, picking a movie can be painful!

2. Cinema food
It’s January and he wants to get the extra large popcorn with and extra ladle of butter and two extra-large cokes. It’s not as if you’re strict with yourself on date night, but seriously?! You guys JUST went for pizza. Where does he put it… *silent resentment*

3. The sitting decision
You’d think all of the choices had been made by now, but no. You want to sit at the back, in the middle. He think towards the front is better. On what planet?

4. Sssh!
The film starts and you are super excited, it’s not that you’ve heard good things you’re just so relieved it’s not Robotz 47. Then…the rustling starts. Not just for a second, you have patience, but when people are starting to turn around and look at you and he doesn’t even notice. Ground, swallow me…Depending on how well you know him, you can either grin and bear it or slap the offending confectionery out of his hand.

5. Handsy
Is that a hand? On your knee? Good God man, we’re at Happy Feet 2 – control yourself!