These pups aren’t happy with Tom Hardy holding them (but we would)


We all love Tom Hardy here in Shemazing! HQ, and something we love even more is the numerous photos and gifs on him holding dogs. TOO CUTE.

However, Tom was at a fundraiser during the week for Battersea Dogs and Cats Home and the pups he chose to take a photo with seemed less than impressed with the heart throb.

Of course, Tom is showing off his beautiful smile, but the dogs are all like, "Eh, can you not?"

The ginger one is especially like, "just leave me alone, Tom."

Even though they don't seem bothered, they are incredibly cute pups, and it's all going to a good cause so we can't complain that much.

Saying that though, if we were in Tom Hardy's arms, we'd probably swoon so much we'd lose consciousness.