These lip glosses will basically turn you into a real life unicorn

We love makeup as much as anyone, but sometimes it can be a pricey habit to feed. 

That is why we are always on the hunt for amazing makeup brands, that won't cost the earth.

Enter Fierce Magenta: our new favourite makeup company.

Fierce Magenta is an Etsy store, that hand makes all of its amazing products, including its life-changing lip-glosses. 

Yes, I said life-changing, and I mean it. 

The brand specialises in creating groovy lip-glosses, in psychedelic colours and shades. 

These lip products are packed with glitter and holographic powder, to create an effect that almost looks photo-shopped. 

The best part? The products all cost around €12, which is pretty darn reasonable in our opinion.

We want one of every colour…