Boozy jam? This is going to make Xmas morning SO much better

Whether you go for the full fry-up on Christmas morning or just a birra toast and tea, this jam is going to make Chrimbo brekkie so much better…. because, well it has booze in it.

Tabl has just debuted a range of jams with some beautiful pairings.

Plum, Fig & Brandy Jam

There's Plum, Fig & Brandy, Pear & Amaretto and a Pear, Gooseberry & London Gin and we can't wait to try them all.

But if you're not in the mood for anything boozy Christmas morning, then it also has a Christmas Pudding flavour. Yum!

Pear & Amaretto Jam

However, there's one major catch (as always), and Tabl don't deliver to Ireland.

So if you have a mate across the pond, give them a shout and get on that deliciousness.