So, an actual GIN hotel is opening IRL, and we want a full week in it

From gin-infused Christmas baubles to gin-inspired advent calendars, there's very little that doesn't improve with a quick dash of gin.

And if a little good, a lot is even better, so it's no surprise that a hotel dedicated solely to the spirit has popped up in one of the world's most glamorous capital cities – London.

Set to open on Portobello Road on Dec 16, The Distillery will become a veritable haven for gin connoisseurs who can pursue their passion across four floors.

From the Resting Room on the first floor which boasts suspended gin barrels to the first floor GinTonica restaurant, we're already planning our visit.

Oh, and if that wasn't enough, the Ginstitute, where guests can learn how to make their own gin, is being moved to the hotel in addition to a gin museum which will school guests on their favourite tipple.

"Guests can enjoy a considered selection of international spirits that have been aged in hand-built barrels suspended above the bar from which they will be directly served," a spokesperson for the hotel confirmed.

"Due to the spirit’s ongoing ageing process within the barrel, no two drinks will be the same,’ they added.

And yes, that is the sound of us swooning.

‘The most exciting parts of the project are the new and unexpected opportunities that have come with a development of this size and scale."

"We are proud purveyors of London spirit and we look forward to exciting guests from around the globe with amazing gin and other wonderful new distillates and aged spirits," they added.

Guests from around the globe? That's us they're talking about, you know.

See you there.