There’s a major shock in store for fans of HBO’s Girls!

With just over a month to go before the fourth series of Girls airs, we're getting a little ansty about what could be in store.

But a new promo for the season, released today, makes us wish we actually knew nothing at all. 

Most of the plotlines seem fairly innocent – Shosh trying to work things out with Ray, Marnie freaking out about everything and Hannah being, well Hannah.

As for Jenna though, certain clips from the promo would suggest that she's moving in on Hannah's turf with Adam. Check out the two of them looking super flirty at 32 seconds in! Jenna is also seen telling Hannah that "the heart wants what the heart wants." Does the heart want Adam?!

We'll have to wait til January to find out more, but for now we are very intrigued!