There will be a major time jump in the next episode of Riverdale

Riverdale honoured the late Luke Perry with a fitting tribute in last week’s episode.

The emotional episode left fans of the show in floods of tears, but it looks like we won’t see how the characters cope in the weeks after Fred’s death.


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The creators of the teen drama said a time jump takes place between episodes one and two, which means this week’s episode takes place in September.

Showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa felt like it would be wise to have some time between Fred’s funeral and the remainder of season four.


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He told Entertainment Weekly, “I will say that the shadow Fred’s death casts is on episode 2 and honestly we’re about 10 episodes into the season and we’re still feeling that.”

“The truth is, something that like, Archie [KJ Apa] will be wrestling with that for the rest of his life, other characters less so. One of the things that’s been interesting is when a tragedy like that happens, everyone grieves and then people move on at different points. 


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“But for the person who’s at the core of it, they live with it every day. We don’t pretend it didn’t happen, it’s still very much permeating Archie’s story,” he stressed.

He continued, “In the writers room, we did want to start episode 2 on a little bit of a lighter note and get back into the high school world. I think that’s a nice balm, a nice counter to it.”

A new episode of Riverdale will air on Netflix on Thursday, October 17.