The types of guys your friends go out with!


We want to support our friends and their new found loves, but there are some guys that our girls will inevitable go out with. Here are just some of the gems that you may come across:

First love
We never forget our first loves and for our friends, it can be no exception. While he’s become a brother to you this stage, you secretly think that your friend maybe should have had her wild days just a bit more, before settling down.

College boyfriend
You barely know the guy but he makes her happy, so that’s all you want, even if they met each other at the back of a lecture hall.

Back-up guy
Harsh but true. There is always one guy your friend goes back to, especially when they shouldn’t.

The perfect guy
He’s annoyingly perfect that you kept help but be jealous of your friend’s new relationship, but deep down inside you’re happy for her, you are!

He’s not good for her guy
Too many encounters with this type, and we know it won’t end well no matter how many times we tell our friends this. In cases like these, all you can do is be there for her and hope that he improves with time.