The truth behind these 10 common hair myths


For a lot of ladies, caring for your hair is a significant part of your beauty regime, and no doubt you listen to every single hair myth that’s going! Here’s the truth behind those myths:

1. Myth: Pulling out a grey hair makes more grow

Truth: When plucked, your hair can only reproduce one strand whether it’s grey or not. The worst thing that will happen is that you will get a bald patch, hat is definitely worse than a grey hair.

2. Myth: Cold water makes your hair shiny

Truth: Unfortunately, this one is false.

3. Myth: Unwashed hair is great for styling

Truth: Freshly washed hair can make your style go flat so wash the day before.

4. Myth: your hair grows faster if you get it trimmed frequently

Truth: This is not true but it will get rid of those split ends.

5. Myth: You must repeat the shampoo use

Truth: Unless you hair needs two lots of shampoo, one thorough clean will do.

6. Myth: Oily scalps should skip the conditioner

Truth: It helps keep it healthy and strong, just avoid the root area.

7. Myth: Your hair needs 100 brush stokes daily

Truth: It could actually weaken your hair.

8.  Myth: you’ll get sick if you go out with wet hair

Truth: You won’t, well only if you don’t stand beside someone who’s sick – then you will.

9. Myth: Lemon juice lightens your hair

Truth: This is true, yay!

10. Myth: You shouldn’t wash your hair everyday

Truth: This one is actually true. Washing your hair every day will strip it of its natural oils making it dry. Wash when your hair is dirty, or when you can’t get away with a spritz of dry shampoo…