The treatments you need to ask your hairdresser for to care for all your hair’s needs this winter


Winter haircare can be a tricky one to crack. The freezing temperatures, rain and blustery winds outdoors combined with the dry central heating can make your hair and scalp uncomfortable, flaky, rough, dry, and breakage-prone.

So combatting this extra damage to our hair – especially when it already has so much to contend with, isn’t something we can do alone.

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Our hairdressers are here to help with all our hair needs this winter, whether you’re dying to go blonde but don’t want the damage or need to give your limp and heavy curls and bouncy boost. Their in-salon treatments are specifically formulated for your hair type and needs – but how do you know what to ask for?

Check out our recommendations below and save to show your hairdresser next time you’re in the chair!

For the blonde bombshells

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‘Blondes have had it tough with salons being closed and so now that they’ve been reunited with their colourists they want to go brighter, bolder and blonder,’ shared Harriet Muldoon, of Larry King Hair Salons. ‘I have been amazed at the number of clients asking for blonde services! Even my brunette clients have been asking for lighter tones – anything to make them stand out in the crowd. It’s all about making a statement. It’s going to be a real blonde moment.’

Stylists are calling it the ‘blonde renaissance’, with the revival of the colour bringing about a whole new wave of experimental and beautiful hair tones all over the world. Post-lockdown, we’re all craving change and excitement, and switching up your hair is the perfect way to do that!

With the likes of Romeo Beckham and Billie Eilish opting for that atomic blonde look while the searches for ‘how will I look with blonde hair’ have soared by +80 per cent in the past 30 days, we’re asking the important question…how do we care for blonde hair?

Keeping hair strong, shiny and healthy while still taking the platinum plunge can be a challenge, but Redken have developed your ‘scientific saviour’, the ultimate haircare for bleach blondes to balayage blondes!

Their Colour Extend Care Bondage range are treatments that act as depositing masks for blonde hair colours from icy blonde to rose blonde!

This colour-depositing mask temporarily tints, adds shine, and nourishes hair for a healthier look and feel. Go blonde and stay strong with these acidic, liquid demi-permanent toners with built- in bonder technology. Saving time and increasing shine, your hair is ready to go blonder and be stronger this winter!

For those whose hair needs a little TLC

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Winter can be tough on everyone’s hair – but what works for one person’s ‘do may not necessarily work for another’s. So what if you could answer multiple hair needs with one tailor-made treatment solution this Winter?

Kérastase presents Fusio-Dose, the pioneering treatment designed to specifically target multiple hair needs, for true hair beauty. A prescriptive, professionally active, advanced in-salon hair ritual, that allows you to achieve your best hair day with speedy, personalised and efficient solutions.

Bespoke is the new luxury and this art of personalisation is the unique signature of the new Kérastase treatments, blended specifically for you by your stylist following a thorough hair diagnosis. Get ready to transform the condition of your hair in just five minutes with results that can last up to five washes!

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With over 20 possible combinations for personalised hair needs, it’s the ultimate quick fix problem solver for all hair types. It’s a super simple process, involving 3 simple steps:

1. A Kérastase Hair & Scalp Profiler: An advanced diagnosis on your scalp and hair needs, which measures and magnifies the hair fibre to provide your most accurate prescription.

2. Creating your bespoke blend: Depending on your needs, your hairstylist will create a blend which is a mix of one prescriptive concentrate with one prescriptive booster.

3. Treatment application: The treatment is sprayed on to the hair and enhanced with a hair massage to work the formulation into the hair for a mere five minutes to penetrate deep into the areas of the hair where the treatment is needed.

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Tailor made system of hair injections perfectly adjust the dosage of active ingredients that are freshly blended from the hair labs. The concentrates are:

Concentré Pixelist: For intensification of radiance for the ultimate shine for coloured treated hair, resulting in smoothed fibres and multi-dimensional shine.

Concentré Oleo-Fusion: For an instant nutrition injection and softness for ‘summer parched locks’, the micro-emulsion of natural jojoba and avocado oils gives a lift from roots to ends without weighing down the hair fibre.

Concentré Vita-Ciment: An in-depth reconstruction for ‘SOS’ hair, fixing the ultimate damage with a bio-mimetic cellular cement made of ceramide designed to repair and protect the hair. It protects hair from external aggressions leaving it soft, supple, shiny.

Concentré Densifique: For immediate densification of thinning hair, this formula enriched with Pro-Calcium, Concentre Densifique instantly makes the hair stronger and more supple resulting in the fibre regains tone and body.

For more information on Kératase’s treatments, ask your hair stylist to give your hair a boost for just €15.00 (at salons discretion) to help your hair really shine this winter!

For all the curly hair girls

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Curls can be a handful – but when they are well-cared for and get the treatment they deserve, they are so worth the hassle! Curls are naturally drier and more porous than other hair types and it can feel like we know our curls best – so it’s hard to trust a hairdresser with them. It’s important that our hairdressers treat them with a specific kind of care that caters for thinner and more fragile hair with a higher risk of breakage. The spiral shape can prevent the products we use from diffusing equally from root to tips, meaning that all the hard work that goes into caring for your hair, may not actually be making as much of a difference as you want it to.

Hairdressers are really interested in being able to offer support for all hair types, it’s just that many of them are intimidated by the level of skill required. But Kérastase provides them with all the knowledge, skills and products they need to take care of all types of curls and coils.

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Keratase’s treatments allows them to expand their expertise and client base and prepare them to serve anyone who comes to their doors – even the coiliest of curly hair!

Introducing Kératase’s Curl Manifesto – the treatment you’ll be begging your hairdresser for at your next appointment! For all your winter care needs, it’s the ultimate professional care for all curls & coils with Kératase’s 8-piece luxury curl range! Whether your hair is wavy all the way up to curly and coily, Kératase’s unique combinations of hydration, strength and definition infuses intense care into all types of curly hair.

Formulated with hydrating manuka honey, cementing ceramide and defining glycerin this range the perfect combination of hydration, definition and strength, with user’s reporting up to 73% more hydration, 99% less breakage and 81% more definition in the curl – a win for all curly girls out there!

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Kératase analysed all types of curls in 23 countries including Brazil, the US, the UK and France, to fully understand what makes curls challenging. They found that lack of moisture, achieving long-lasting curl definition and products that are too heavy can be major challengers to curl hair care.

So they created formulas that provide intense care without compromise in treatments where science meets luxury with fine ingredients that nourish and strengthen curls without disrupting their beauty.

The curl game-changing formula:

Defining glycerin: a moisturizing, emollient and protective agent that helps hydrate and distribute care from roots to tips for perfect definition. The Curl Manifesto Masque Beurre Haute Nutrition is infused with glycerin for not only extra nourishment to soften brittle curls, but also intense hydration to increase elasticity, helping them spring into shape!

Cementing ceramide: Biomimetic ceramide mimics hair’s cement deep inside the cortex. Curly hair enjoys improved strength, elasticity and suppleness, as well as protection from environmental stressors.

Hydrating manuka honey: a natural nutrient powerhouse rich in micronutrients that draw vital moisture, restoring the hair’s natural body for full, glossy curls. The Curl Manifesto Gelée Curl ContourCurl enhancing defining gel-cream is infused with Manuka honey and Ceramide, combining the hydration properties of a cream and the hold of a gel. Amplifying a curl's natural shape with softness, definition and no crunch has never been easier and curls are left bouncy and intensely shiny!