The top five make-up mysteries OF ALL TIME!


Some times we think we have our whole beauty regime down; we know our favourite brands and we can contour like a pro and then other times we feel like a five-year-old rummaging through our mum's beauty bag with absolutely NO idea what we're doing and why it's going oh-so-very wrong.

Here are just five beauty mysteries that leave us completely stumped every single time.

If you've gotten to the bottom of them, either spread the word or spare a thought for the rest of us who are still very much in the dark.

Pedicure  vs. nail polish remover

1. Someone banging a door in another country can easily result in your chipped manicure.

But nothing short of a pneumatic drill will rid your toenails of that hideous plum shade you’ve been rocking since your Lanzarote trip in May.

Mascara vs. eye make-up remover

2. You could get into bed after spending hours removing your eye make-up until there isn’t the merest hint you went anyway near your make-up bag that day.

But when you look in the mirror the next morning, every spec of mascara and eyeliner has flaked under your eyes and, horrifyingly, coagulated in the corner of your eye.

Tan vs. skin

We know all the application rules, hell we could write a book on them and we stick to them.

But we rarely experience a flawless tan finish after a DIY application. Seriously, what secret are we missing out on here?

Eyeliner vs. skill

We know the rules of winged eyeliner application, we apply the technique and we hope for the best every single time.

But why do we always look like we nailed one, butgave up halfway through the other?

Blusher vs. talent

We watch the tutorials, blusher brush in hand, and then we carefully apply the same technique that the lovely girl in our laptop said we should.

But then we look in the mirror, quietly reach for a facewipe and vow to try again tomorrow.

But do you know what, girls? It doesn't really matter because despite all these thing we still look pretty fierce, right?!