The things girls do when the guys aren’t around


Check out other girls
Girls do this in front of guys as well, but when girls are hanging out with girls and a hot lady walks by, you can be sure that one or all of them will acknowledge her hotness. It might be her coat, her hair, her perfume – whatever it is, it won’t go unnoticed.


Don’t wear a bra
I’m not sure if you guys are fully aware of exactly how uncomfortable wearing a bra is. Imagine if you had to wear a jock strap every time you left the house. That’s why most of the time when we girls get inside and we are alone, the first thing we do is take it off.


Skip Showers
Look, in general, we smell better than boys. It’s just science! We also have so many products to help us look and smell nice, sometimes we can get away with skipping the odd shower. Men don’t seem to realise the effort that has to go into washing your hair, plus the fact that it’s a big wet mop on top of your head which is freeeezing! What did you think dry shampoo was for?


You know you’ve gotten to a comfortable part of a relationship when you have no problem ordering the whole basket of chicken wings, plus chips, plus nachos and then asking your boyfriend what he wants. When girls get together, they can chow down, and it really is a sight to see.


Talk Sex
“Did you tell the lads what we did last night?! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU! That is OUR private business.” Yeah, girls might get angry at the thought of their friend-with-benefits/boyfriend/partner talking to a friend about the kinky stuff that went down the night before, but in reality, we all talk. If something happened that was particularly amazing, totally out there, or went horribly wrong, you can be sure it will be brought up at the brunch table the following morning.


Wear guys’ clothes
Yes, we know, it’s seriously annoying losing all your lovely clothes to girls but they just feel so nice. The hoodies, the t-shirts, even the boxers. Everything makes us feel small and they smell like you. OK, it’s a little weird but it’s never going to stop so deal with it.


Everyone dreams up scenarios in their little heads and we’re sure guys do it too, but girls seems to be able to conjure up Alice In Wonderland worthy stories. Weddings, holidays, Oscar wins, Nobel prize awards, fabulous outfits over jaw dropping bodies… we think of it all. And usually with a soundtrack.

Tights – the bane of our lives. The minute no one is looking we are hoisting those fuckers. Bra straps, french knickers, thongs… they all need adjusting, and it’s a bitch.


“I heard that you’re settled down, that you… found a girl and you’re married now ow ow…” We sing in our cars, in our bedrooms, showers, and sometimes, only in our heads. It’s more than likely off key but if we’re doing it in the mirror in a towel you can be damn sure there’s fist clenching involved.


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