The Swift comeback: Taylor makes her way BACK on to social meida


Apart from calling out Kimye and wishing BFF Selena Gomez happy birthday, Taylor Swift has stayed away from social media over the past number of weeks.

With all the controversy surrounding her, it's easy to see why she didn't post anything, but in the small hours of this morning, the songstress made her way back to Instagram.

Taking to Instagram Stories, Tay shared a video of her cat, Olivia.

Ms Swift doesn't actually appear in the small clip, but can be heard talking as Olivia figures out if she's a cat or a squirrel.

Hmmm, OK?

Tay's very quiet return comes after Justin Bieber said he's on Kimye's team yesterday.

Even though she's back, we can't see things calming down anytime soon for her.