The sugar swaps that you need to try!

Here are some great ways to swap your favourite sugary treats for some snacks, that are not only tasty but low in calories too! Yay!

Ice Cream – Frozen Yoghurt
Hard to resist, especially during the summer months, but we all know that those sweet ice-cream treats can really build up over time. So why not swap your favourite ice cream for a frozen yoghurt alternative. Most fro-yos are 0% fat, a third of the calories but still as refreshingly sweet as your favourite ice-cream treat.

Sugar – Fructose
No it’s not a chemical component, but actually a more natural and healthier alternative to sugar. Fructose is the natural sugar found in fruit (hence the name), it’s cheap, twice as sweet as sugar (so you only need half the amount), and is now available in most grocery stores! So what’s not to love?

Vanilla Latte – Cappuccino
You don’t have to stay away from coffee to cut sugar from your diet, but just swap your favourite drinks for healthier ones instead. Cappuccinos are surprisingly lower in calories especially if you opt for the sugar-free options. If you want to go all out, swap the dairy for some soya milk instead.

Digestive Biscuits – Hobnobs
You don’t have to stay away from your biscuit treats, but just swap it for something else instead. Oats are usually the best when it comes to biscuit treats, and hobnobs are no exception. Just make sure not to do overdo it on the packet at the same time.