The stress of the department store beauty hall


Department store beauty halls are filled with shiny, magic products guaranteed to make us look and feel like a million bucks, so why do these places sometimes bring us out in a cold sweat?

Is it the sheer number of products available? Is it the probing questions we should know the answers to, but don’t? Or is it the feeling that we’re still playing dress-up and the glammed-up beauty assistant will know we confuse primer and highlighter at least twice a week?

We’re not quite sure, but here are just some of the obstacles we’ve faced when trying to re-fill our beauty bags.

If any of the below sound familiar, then it's time to admit you might need a little help when re-stocking your make-up collection!

1) Even though you’ve been wearing the same shade of foundation for the last six years, you always, without fail, forget the shade at go-time.

“Can I get it in… the light…orange?”

Tip: Ask the assistant to make a note of your shade for next time or take a photo of your empty bottle before you hit the shops to avoid a deer-in-the-headlights situation.

2) In a bid to hide the fact you only started using a foundation brush last month, you bring it up in conversation almost immediately.

“So what about those foundation brushes, ey? I’ve been using one since I was five.”

Tip: Stop bluffing.

3) When asked what you expect from your mascara, you nod confidently and reveal your preference.

“It should definitely go on the eyes.”

Tip: There’s no right or wrong answer when it comes to these types of questions, but try to have an answer prepared so you get the most bang for your buck. Volumising? Lengthening? The choice is yours, but do know what it is!

4) Forgetting whether you actually use pressed powder, you panic when asked about your preferred brand.

“Oh you know the one, the standard powder…for maximum pressness.”

Tip: Don’t be afraid to admit you don’t use a certain product. Maybe you don’t need it!

5) When asked if you normally go for a green-toned concealer, you burst out laughing, nudge the assistant and assume it’s some kind of in-joke.

“Oh of course I do, ya mad thing….ehm, wait. Green?"

Tip: Admit when you’re unsure about a certain product or beauty technique, the make-up assistants will be delighted to fill you in; it is their job, after all!

The make-up counter can be a scary, overwhelming place at times, especially when you've spent the day shopping and can barely remember how to apply mascara, let alone know what type of wand you normally go for.

But it's important to be confident in your purchases (You're the one who's going to be wearing them, after all) so tell the assistant you're a little lost or totally woeful when it comes to shades and tones, and allow them to guide you.

They want you to feel your best, so admit your make-up weakness and let them help!