The Spanish Prime Minister wants to ban MEMES for a silly reason

We'll be honest, it's been a pretty stressful week.

From Donald Trump becoming the president-elect of the US, to Mark Zuckerberg killing us all on Facebook, we've had a lot to handle.

And in these times, many get comfort from the odd meme or gif on social media… but that might not be allowed in Spain anymore.

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Confused? Well, the Spanish Prime Minister wants to ban to use of memes (apparently, because of the sudden surge in Donald Trump memes used this week).

According to The Debrief, "the scheme was put before Congress, and would restrict the use of ‘spreading images that infringed the honour of a person'."

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So, that basically means any meme that ever existed.

"The Popular Party politicians requested that the law was included within the Citizens Security Law, a legislation introduced last year that is also known as the ‘gag law’, as it curbs online activism and protests."

Of course, many don't like the direction the Prime Minister is going in, so we're just going to have to wait and see what happens.