The real reasons why some men cheat


We might not like to hear them but here are some of the main reasons why some men have cheated on their partners:

No future
He may have realised a long time ago that this relationship wasn’t going to work for him but decided to call it quits in the wrong way. But instead of discussing it in a mature way, he decides to cheat and hopes his partner will find out and end the relationship instead.

Doesn’t feel desired
Guys, like girls want to feel desired and if they feel their partner is not paying attention to them anymore, they may look to girls who do.

Not enough sex
Similar to not feeling desired, if he doesn’t feel that his needs are being met in the bedroom he could decide to go elsewhere. He may feel satisfied in other areas of his relationship but unfortunately not in the bedroom department.

Drunken mistake
Oldest excuse in the book but unfortunately the most common one. It’s not an acceptable excuse but he probably wasn’t fully aware of the consequences.

There are no good excuses when it comes to cheating and if there are relationship problems, your partner should talk to you about them instead of looking to resolve them in the wrong way.