The real reason Bradley Cooper dumped Suki is WAY harsh


When Bradley Cooper and Suki Waterhouse's split was announced last week after two years, the main reason given was their busy schedules.

But as is often the case with a celebrity break-up, the real reason was a little more dramatic – and kinda harsh for poor Suki. 

An insider close to Bradley has told Page Six that he dumped 23-year-old Suki because she "wasn't supportive of his acting career," most notably after his huge success on Broadway in Elephant Man.

With four Oscar nominations to his name, we're sure Bradley gets more than enough career support from other sources, but he apparently felt neglected by Suki in the later stages of the relationship.

The real blow apparently came when Suki chose to spend Valentine's Day with friends in Austin, Texas, rather than staying in New York with Bradley who was still finishing up his Broadway run.

Over the weekend in question, Suki posted a number of pictures of herself partying with her pals, which we're sure didn't do much for Bradley's ego.


Honky tonkers

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However last week it was reported that the couple may have split up as early as January… so maybe Bradley was hoping Suki would stay in New York on Valentine's to win him back?

Doesn't look like they'll be reconciling anytime soon in that case!