The pros and cons of dating an older man

If you’re on the dating scene, and an older man catches your eye, you might wonder – is it a good idea? If you’re in a relationship, on the other hand, and you hear your boyfriend tell ANOTHER fart joke, you may be able to answer that question pretty quickly. However, there are pros and cons to everything!

Older guys might be more old-school, and may be more inclined to open doors for you and that kind of thing, which is always nice!

They’re probably more experienced, so they may teach you a thing or two!

There’s less chance of an older guy upping sticks and moving to Australia with the lads, he probably already has a stable job and maybe even a house to live in!

Hanging out with friends
He may not enjoy spending time with your friends as it may make him feel old, but if he’s an easy going kind of guy, it should be fine! Similarly when you’re with his friends, you may feel like a child at first, but you’ll soon settle in and it’ll feel normal.

Meeting the parents
Introducing your dad to your older boyfriend is always going to be awkward. But again, if he’s a genuinely nice guy, age shouldn’t be an issue for long!

Power imbalance
If he’s older and has a better job or more money than you, you may sense a power imbalance between you two. Obviously, if he patronises you and treats you like a child, something is not right. Money can’t buy love remember!