The price of fame: video of Taylor Swift goes viral


We all think from time to time how amazing it would be to be rich and famous, perhaps like someone such as Taylor Swift.

But sadly, as this video shows, it’s not always all it’s cracked up to be.

The video, which has been going viral since last night, shows Taylor having to walk backwards, guided by her bodyguard, into a waiting car.

Why? To stop paparazzi from making money on photos of her face.

It wasn’t so long ago that Taylor was forced to take photos of herself and her friends, HAIM, in their bikinis on a boat in Hawaii after realising photographers had followed them.

By posting the photos herself on Instagram first, whatever shots the paparazzi had managed to get with their long-lens were instantly rendered worthless.

You certainly have to give her kudos for her ploys at getting back at the paps!