The next actor to play The Crown’s Prince Charles has been revealed

Netflix’s royal drama The Crown has been one of our lockdown saviours this past year. We absolutely adore the glamour, the tension and the historical relevance. That’s why we were only too delighted to hear our beloved Josh O’Connor talk about who exactly will be replacing him as Prince Charles in the next two seasons.

As fans of the show will know, The Crown likes to switch things up a bit every two seasons, with a brand new cast change, so as the characters age over the decades, so do the actors who are playing them.

British actor Josh O’Connor played the role Prince Charles for two wonderful seasons of The Crown; ending his run with season four; earning himself and his screen-partner, Emma Corrin both a Golden Globe Award for Best Actor/Actress In A Drama Series.

Speaking about his experience with the royal drama in a recent interview with GQ Magazine, Josh might have actually inadvertently revealed who is going to be his successor, before it’s officially been announced by Netflix themselves.

Talking about saying goodbye to the role of Prince Charles, Josh explained, “I’ve been asked about it in the past and I’ve said it’s brilliant I don’t have to play him any more, which sometimes implies I didn’t enjoy it. And I absolutely loved it. But the reason I wanted to be an actor is to play different people.”

“Playing that character has brought me a lot of joy. But it’s lovely to come away and go, ‘Great. Now hand it over to Dominic West,’” he revealed.


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Dominic West, known for his roles in The Wire, The Affair and Brassic, was first tipped to take on the role of Prince Charles back in October, right around the time when he was making headlines for being caught kissing 31-year-old actress, Lily James, before returning home to his wife.

At the time, it was reported by The Hollywood Reporter that West was in the final talks with producers from The Crown, trying to secure a deal. 

However, this then led many people to speculate over the irony that West would be playing Prince Charles in the final seasons of Netflix's The Crown, during the era in which the Duke of Wales split from his wife, Princess Diana, and pursued an explosive love affair with Camilla Parker-Bowles — quite poignant when compared to the drama going on in his personal life.

When asked if Josh exchanged acting tips with Dominic to prepare him for the role, Josh found the idea quite laughable. “I don’t know! It’s so funny, isn’t it? But if Dominic West came to me asking me for advice, I’d laugh him off. I’d be like, ‘Dom! You’re Dominic West!’” Josh joked.

Other cast members confirmed for the final seasons include Elizabeth Debecki, who will play the iconic Princess Diana, Imelda Staunton who will take over as Queen Elizabeth, Lesley Manville will portray Princess Margaret and Jonathan Pryce will star as Prince Phillip.