The Love Island gals tried to discuss Brexit – with gas results

Love Island has gotten a lot of slagging for being a vapid show about generically beautiful Instagram models riding in the sun. 

However, the girls of the group took to discussing one of the biggest political issues of our time last night – so Love Island nay sayers, buckle up. 

In last night's hour-long episode, student Georgia asked the girls what they thought of Brexit, before model Hayley raised some eyebrows by admitting that she had no idea what Brexit was. 

Georgia gave a good go of trying to explain the concept of the European Union to Hayley, saying: ''It would mean welfare, and things we trade with would be cut down.'

However, Hayley became more confused, replying: 'So that does that mean we won't have any trees?' 

Adding more confusion to the whole thing,. another one of the girls, thought Hayley said cheese rather than trees. 

However, the seriousness of the Brexit situation was grasped when the girls discussed the possibility that no longer being part of the EU could make international travel more difficult. 

'So it would be harder to go on holidays? Oh I love my holidays,' Hayley said. 

Twitter has been taking the absolute piss out of the girls for their conversation, Hayley in particular, so I doubt they'll be living that viral clip down any time soon.