The internet has turned Disney princes into strippers


The release of Magic Mike XXL is quickly taking over the entire internet. From red carpet premiere snaps to videos of Channing Tatum 'Vogueing', it is impossible to spend more than five minutes online without seeing a hairless dancing torso this week.

But this morning, it's popping up everywhere for a different reason. We're not sure if you think this is good news or not, but all of your favourite Disney princes have been given the Magic Mike XXL treatment (i.e. they have been turned into strippers). 

Artist Isaia Stephens, the artist of these pictures, posted them to his Facebook page saying "here are some Disney fellas gettin' their Magic Mike on for their ladies!"

Isaia made sure to add that he tried to make the pictues "as lighthearted and fun as possible" to avoid offending anyone.

Magic Mike XXL is hitting cinemas around Ireland today… these should get you in the mood for it:

Prince Charming from Cinderella


Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid


Captain John Smith from Pocahontas 


Aladdin from Aladdin


Beast from Beauty and the Beast


Kristoff from Frozen


Naveen from Princess and the frog


And the whole gang…