The HSE has finally agreed to lift restrictions on maternity care


The HSE has finally agreed to make changes in their Covid policy, allowing partners to accompany pregnant women on their 20 week anomaly scan, along with any surgical interventions.

This long-awaited news comes after much campaigning was done by new mothers, family members and outraged citizens, along with a petition against the restrictions on maternity care which was signed by 53,000 people. 

As it currently stands, partners of pregnant women are prohibited to accompany them to any ante natal appointments and scans, despite the fact that the mother could potentially receive distressing, life changing news by herself.

People have been crying out for these Covid measures to be reconsidered from the beginning of the pandemic, but especially since the summer, when restrictions on other businesses and facilities were lifted, while the maternity care restrictions were neglected.

“To continue to deny women the emotional support of a partner throughout her labour at this stage, when schools, restaurants and gyms are open and flights abroad are accessible, seems unnecessarily cruel,” the ‘Lift Restrictions On Maternity Care’ petition read.

However, the HSE has now agreed to ask maternity hospitals across the country today, to allow partners of pregnant women to attend anomaly scans if possible. This is due to lower transmission rates in the community, as well as a response to the many views and stories told by maternity patients and clinicians.