The HILARIOUS jobs celebrities had before they were famous

We tend to assume that celebrities have always been rich and famous (they were born that way, right?).

But no, a few stars weren't always as glamorous as they are today. In fact, most of Hollywood's elite worked normal jobs, just like the rest of us, at some stage. 

Here, SHEmazing! rounds up our favourite 'before they were famous' gigs (and just wait until you see where Madonna worked…):


Brad Pitt

Brad worked in a fast food restaurant before he hit the big time. But it gets worse, he had to dance around in a chicken suit daily. Ouch.


Kim Kardashian

Before she shot to fame with Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kim used to clear out celebrities wardrobes and sell all of the unwanted clothes on eBay for her clients. She even worked as Paris Hilton's personal assistant for a while. 


Johnny Depp

Mr. Depp sold pens by phone as a living before he pursued his dreams of becoming an actor. 


Rod Stewart

Before he became a music legend, Rod Stewart worked as a grave digger. We're sure that was kind of scary!



Queen Madge used to work at Dunkin' Donuts in New York's Time Square back in the day. She reportedly got fired for squirting jam all over a customer!


Gerard Butler

Before he became a movie hunk, Gerard had his heart set on becoming a lawyer. We think we prefer him acting though!


Sandra Bullock

Before winning Oscars and floating around in on-screen space, Sandra worked as a waitress and bartender in New York in the 1980s.


Jon Bon Jovi

The rocker used to help his cousin in a school where he was a janitor. While he worked he recorded his music which eventually led to his stardom. 


Rachel McAdams

Rachel used to work in McDonalds before she became a hot shot actress. The beauty stuck three whole years working there before she quit. 


Harrison Ford

Before he became Mr Indiana Jones, Harrison Ford worked as a carpenter in LA. 


Jennifer Aniston

The Friends beauty used to work as a telemarketer during the day and a waitress at night to pay for acting classes. And we're so glad she did. 


Hugh Grant

Hugh studied art history before he shot to fame. He abandoned his doctorate degree so he could pursue his dreams of acting. Bold move, Hugh, bold move.