WHAT would Mary say?! Clean-cut GBBO caught up in betting scandal

The Great British Bake Off will air the final instalment of this series tomorrow evening.

Of course, the episode was actually filmed several weeks ago, meaning that certain insider individuals involved in the production already know the outcome.

Now, according to claims made by bookmakers Ladbrokes, BBC employees and others with connections to the Love Productions company have been implicated in a betting scandal.

The Sun reports that just hours after the newest series hit TV screens, no fewer than 42 new accounts were opened at Ladbrokes with a total of 529 bets totaling some €13,500 being made.

The newspaper also reports that the owners of those suspect accounts have connections to both the BBC and the production company.

Speaking to Mashable, Ladbrokes said it was “wary” of foul play even before the series aired.


“We are looking into it further. If we feel we've had the equivalent of a custard pie thrown in our faces we will think twice about whether we should bet on markets like this again in the future."

A source told The Sun that the accounts were opened using individuals real names, so their connections to the BBC could be easily traced:

"A quick Google and you can see that [some of them work] in television and have close links to the BBC and Great British Bake Off’s production company,"

According to the source, nearly all of the bets were placed on one baker, so apparently they all knew something no one else did.

Nadiya Hussain is currently favourite at 2/5, with Ian Cumming at 4/1 and Tamal Ray on 5/1.

The winner will be revealed tomorrow evening.