Khloé K: ‘The divorce is on hold, but I’m NOT back with Lamar’

Just days after rushing to be by his side in hospital on October 13, Khloé Kardashian called off her divorce to Lamar Odom, but she says people shouldn't read into things.

In her first interview since Lamar was found unconscious in a Nevada brothel, Khloé says the decision to put the divorce on hold was partly for the sake of convenience – to ensure she could still make medical decisions on Lamar's behalf.

"For medical reasons and a ton of other things, it's just smarter that it [the divorce] is put on hold," she told People magazine.

"But that does not mean I'm back with Lamar. It's not even in our brains to think about us having a relationship."

Despite her insistence to the contrary, Khloé doesn't rule out the possibility of an official reconciliation down the line, adding, "Only time will tell… I pulled back on the divorce because there is no rush for it."

Initially it looked like Lamar might not pull through, but his health has since stabilised – although the full extent of the damage to his body has yet to be revealed.

Since awaking from his coma two weeks ago and being airlifted to a hospital in Los Angeles, Lamar has undergone a number of emergency surgeries and he is currently on kidney dialysis until his health improves enough for a transplant.

Speaking about her decision to fly to Vegas to be with Lamar at the time of his hospitalisation, Khloé says it was a no-brainer.

"I had to get there [to support him]. All I wanted was for him to be OK. Every hour is different. It goes up and it goes down. Things are progressing, but it's a very serious situation."

With a "long road" ahead for the former NBA star, Khloé says he has her full support.

"I'll be there supporting him every step of the way. I love Lamar, and I'll be there for him like I promised."