The Body lets us in on how she maintains THAT figure

Elle Macpherson is known as The Body and with her latest Instagram shot it is not surprising. At 50 years of age – yes 50, we couldn’t believe it either – the supermodel maintains a figure that ladies in their twenties covet.

Joey Tribbiani drooled over her and we often find ourselves drooling over her as well…

The secret to her amazing body is not really that much of a secret. In fact, she puts it down to a green superfood powder, The Super Elixir which – yes you guessed it – is her own product.

The powder is a blend of 45 key ingredients including pineapple, lemon and lime, spinach, carrots, and Chinese herbs to name a few.

Elle pops the powder in some almond milk – no full fat cows milk for her – and it apparently helps to increase energy, improve digestion and decrease weight.

it is a little pricey at £96 but if we end up looking like Elle, it’s definitely worth it!