The biggest clue yet that Sex and the City 3 may happen!


So Sarah Jessica Parker has sent us all into a tizzy with her latest social media post.

Remember when we told you that Jennifer Hudson said there was a very big possibility of a third Sex and the City movie?

Well, SJP has just added further fuel to the fire that this may actually be happening!

The actress took to Instagram to share a picture of herself arranging some of her fabulous shoes along a set of steps, with the teasing caption:

“It was take your @sjpcollection shoes to work day. #longdayforCarrie #whewwwwthosesteps #runninginheels #taxi!”

Did she actually just reference Carrie Bradshaw?!

Cue fans of the cult show and movies everywhere going into complete meltdown.

Naturally, as happens when thousands of crazed women are flapping about a SATC sequel, SJP sensed our excitement – only to shoot it down!

“Oh no. Eek. Sorry. No. I was just talking about the shoes. Oh man. Geesh. Sorry,” she wrote.

Is she protesting a little much, maybe? Trying to throw us off the scent?

Somehow we don’t believe her….