The best foods to eat when you’re feeling under the weather!

Eating when you're sick can be a funny one. If you're feeling a bit queasy, even the sight of food might send you running for the toilet bowl, but if you're feeling fluey or have a cold sometimes the comfort of a warm meal can work wonders.

Obviously what you should eat when ill really depends on your symptoms. Let's take a look…

If you're feeling… Queasy or nauseous
Choose… Soothing foods and drinks. Peppermint and liquorice tea are great for calming a sore stomach and they are easy to slowly sip. As for food, try small portions of dry toast or crackers and avoid greasy food like the plague – it'll wreak havoc with your insides.

If you're feeling… run down with a dodgey tummy or diarrhea
Choose… Starch, starch, starch. What you need right now are "binding" foods that will help keep everything where it should be. Go for bananas, toast, rice, boiled potatoes, and plain chicken or turkey.

If you're feeling… bloated or constipated
Choose… Fibre-packed foods. Your body needs lots of fibre to get everything moving, so go for flaxseed, wholegrains, oats, pears, broccoli, apples, nuts, pulses and prunes. Keep very hydrated as your body needs water to allow the fibre to do its work properly.

If you're feeling… in pain with a sore throat
Choose… Soft foods or anything that will coat the inside of your throat. Ginger, lemon or mint tea with a spoonful of honey will soothe your throat and coat it, making swallowing easier. As for food, choose soft or puréed things like soup, mashed potato or yoghurt.

If you're feeling… stuffed up with a cold
Choose… Anything with turmeric or ginger, both known for their anti-inflammatory properties. Add a half teaspoon of turmeric to some coconut or almond milk with a dollop of honey and heat gently in a saucepan, or go for a soothing ginger and lemon tea.