The Bachelorette comes to Dublin: pints, leprechauns… and a wake


If you haven’t heard, The Bachelorette is an American dating show which is hugely popular and on its 11th series.

It’s a spin off from the American series The Bachelor and its raking in some serious viewership figures in the US.  

This time around, the show revolves around single gal Kaitlyn and her 25 potential husbands-in-waiting.

There’s no word yet on what Tourism Ireland thinks of all this, but in Monday night’s episode, the cast were jetted off to Dublin. Indeed, Kaitlyn said she was seriously excited when she heard of their destination.

She wrote in her blog for People magazine: “I have always wanted to go there. I used to live in Newfoundland, Canada, and it was like a mini Ireland.”

They opened the episode saying that Ireland was the perfect place to fall in love (is that a thing people say?).

Kaitlyn goes on a series of dates in various locations around our capital city, including one in Christ Church cathedral where they were serenaded by The Cranberries!

“Once we got inside,” Kaitlyn wrote, “the '90s child in me was screaming. I LOVE The Cranberries and having Jared [one of the contestants] with me in that moment was so romantic!!!”

They did all things you would expect on a date in Dublin, took a stroll in Stephen’s Green, high-fived a leprechaun, and held a good old fashioned Irish wake for Kaitlyn – wait, what?

Yep the hopeful bachelorette lay in a coffin while all of her potential matches said a few words about her, and yes it was seriously weird.

But after that trauma of that the gang all headed off to the Guinness Storehouse and had a few drinks together, presumably happy in that Kaitlyn was in fact, very much alive.

Although this might sound like all fun and games, Kaitlyn admits that she is finding it quite difficult as she tells one hopeful contestants to go home each week.

“I used to think, OK, how hard could it really be to date a bunch of good-looking dudes and have all these feelings?! I'll admit, I didn't think it would be hard, but I'm here to tell you guys it's FREAKING hard.”