The 9 people you will always meet on a night out in your hometown


We’ve all met these people at least once on a night out at home, at Christmas or on the holidays, they will be there. In the club. Waiting for you.

1. The friend you haven’t seen for years.
You used to hang out with this person all the time, and as life progressed you slowly drift apart, when all of a sudden you’re holding their hair for them as they vomit or you’re dragging them away from a scrap, you begin realising why you stopped hanging out with them.

Friend_hug2.The ”one that got away”
We all have this person in our lives, that guy/gal who you were obsessed with for years, who you slowly became friends with and you know they’ll always be the one that got away.

3.The Douche from secondary school you hated.
God this ones a douchebag, I mean seriously, why do people like this guy.

 4.The distant relative
They’re your seventh cousin on your step-grandfather’s side twice removed, but they’re still family.

5.That one kid who never used to go out.
Holy s**t this kids out, what the hell, they never used to go out and now they’ve got a beer belly, damn uni changes people.

6.That guy/girl who never has their own cigarettes.
”Hey mate can you bum me a smoke?” Dear jesus they can afford to spend all that money on drink and they can’t buy a lousy pack of smokes?

7.That Guy/Girl who’s always Minesweeping drinks.
Crafty little b*****d, how the hell do they do it? You hate them for doing it but you secretly wish you could do it without being caught.

steal8.That guy/girl who’s minted
Buying drinks for everyone, five packets of smokes in their pocket, best clothes on all the time, brand new shoes, nice for some eh?

10.That Guy
Yeah that guy…

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