The 10 step cycle of a woman’s trip to the gym


Going to the gym just isn't for anyone – some people love it and some loathe it. Exercise is essential for our mental and physical health, we get it. 

1. Removal
Must get out of these pajamas and off the couch. We will not be succumb to this relaxation anymore. NO – I’ll go now.


2. Dress Code
What to wear, what to wear. Queue raking through your wardrobe for 20 minutes. 


3. Transport
If you have to get the bus there will be less of a chance you will go. If you have a car or are getting a lift it will be slightly easier. The whole way there you’re trying to procrastinate and if there’s anything you can remember you have to do instead – you will do it. No luck so far and you arrive at your destination.


4. Arrival
Get out your gym membership card and off you go. You are starting to feel happy you have made this decision. You get to the changing room and scope out the room. This locker looks good – ah there is something in it. This one – oh it’s taken. That one – ah yes finally. You put a lock on it because no one will be taking your new iPhone. iPod out, water filled, “LET’S DO THIS!”


5. Machine Referral
Good it isn’t too packed. "Oh God is that…it is. oh no no no no." Just hide behind behind the bodybuilders and they won't see you. 


6. Work Out
Your warrior name is Beyoncé. Embody this determination and soldier on – you can finish this. Next stop the bike. I am an independent woman.


7. Sweating Dilemma
You look like a tomato in a warm country – but soldier on this is HEALTH.


8. Embarrassing Moment
Okay okay, so you did a Bridget Jones and fell off the bloody exercise bike. Not many people saw so it’s all good.


9. Staff Encounter
“Excuse me, where is your towel?” “Oh, sorry, I must have left it at home. I completely forgot it”. “Don’t let this happen again it is unhygienic.” Eek!


10. Finishing Line
1 more minute and you are free. 60, 59, 58, 57, 25, 10, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. YESSSS – It still counts. 


via our content partner CT