Awkward moment when you’re photobombed by your famous dad


There's nothing worse than when you're out hat shopping with your dad and decide to snap yourself rocking a seriously banging trilby only to have your world-famous pop ruin the picture with a photobomb, right?

Oh, you don't really know that pain?

Well, that's because you're not Brooklyn Beckham.

A shot which the 16-year-old uploaded to his Instagram account yesterday shows his mischievous dad, David Beckham, rip it out of his son as he posed for a selfie in his new headgear.

The photo which shows David creeping up behind his eldest boy while he gave it his all for the camera didn't deter the lovely Brooklyn from sharing the snap with his legions of fans and followers, but it may put him off another shopping trip with his dad for a while.

Brooklyn, who recently celebrated his 16th birthday, appears to have an awesome relationship with the former Manchester United striker, so we're sure he's used to his dad's embarrassing ways by now.

But seriously, way to make him look a sap, David!