Terrorist ‘spotters’ to be deployed by Gardaí at U2’s Croke Park gig


Gardaí have revealed they will deploy specialist 'terrorist spotting' teams for U2's performance at Croke park on July 22.

The officers will be dressed in plain clothes and will be on the look out for potential threats or risky behaviour, a task they also undertook during Prince Charles' Dublin visit last month.

The move, which was confirmed by Inspector Anthony Gallagher today, comes following the attack which killed 22 people at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester last month.

Speaking to the Irish Sun, Inspector Gallagher said, “Our planning for major events is very robust and we are constantly looking at new developments, trends and threats. Our spotters will have the freedom to observe what’s around them and report back any suspicious activity.”

“We will have an adequate number of spotters to identify a number of risks and this will be their only role on the day.”

He added, “It’s important the general public know that we have confidence in our plans.”

He also revealed that similar 'spotters' will be on duty during major GAA matches and other large scale events taking place this summer.