Terrifying! A man has been caught smuggling GUNS into Disneyland


A 28-year-old man has been caught smuggling deadly weapons into popular themepark Disneyland Paris earlier today. 

A compulsory X-Ray of the man's luggage revealed the guns to security who then arrested the suspect on the spot. 

Other articles found in the man's possession was a Koran leading to speculation that the weapons were to be used as part of a terrorist attacked but this has not been confirmed by Parisian police officials. 

A woman, who was accompanying the man in question, has also been arrested.

According to the Telegraph, the pair had reportedly booked a room in the Hotel New York, which is the main and most expensive accommodation in the highly popular resort. 

The hotel is located at the entrance to the park, only a few metres from busy dining and shopping areas.

The man is reportedly not already known to French intelligence.