Ten sure signs you’re falling in love with him!


The start of a new relationship is always exciting, but what’s even more thrilling is the moment you start to realise that this guy is different from the rest.

Maybe it takes a month, maybe it takes a year – but when you start falling in love the feeling will hit you like a ton of bricks.

Here are some big tell tale signs that you’re head over heels for your man…

1. You’re thinking of him right now
Any talk of love, relationships or happiness has you daydreaming about your man. Well, if you’re being honest, you pretty much think about him all the time these days, regardless of the topic.

2. You hate saying goodbye
Hanging up the phone to him has started taking longer and longer, and when you’re saying goodbye in person you both hold on for an extra-tight hug before reluctantly parting ways.

3. You get butterflies when you think of him
That nervous feeling in your stomach is a sure sign that you really care for this guy. You get excited before you see him, and you feel like giggling every time you two make eye contact. Face it – you’re totally loved up.

4. You miss them
Whether there’s a few hours or a week ‘til you see him again, you can’t wait to have him back. You rehearse conversations in your head and little things keep reminding you of him.

5. You start factoring him into your future plans
Earlier on in the relationship he didn’t really figure in your plans for next weekend, let alone next year. Now though, you’re tentatively thinking of a future with him in the picture.

6. You stop seeing other guys as potential dates
Sure, you still fancy the pants off the lad from HR, but you’ve stopped caring if anything happens. When you’ve found your perfect match, why look elsewhere?

7. You trust them
You’re happy to tell him your most embarrassing story (yes, THAT one) and don’t mind if he sees you looking a little worse for wear on a Sunday morning. Security and contentment go a long way to cementing a new relationship!

8. You start letting go of the past
Whether it’s a previous relationship that ended badly, or the one that got away, you start slowly letting go of things you can’t change. You’re opening yourself up to new opportunities and are excited to move on in a way that you couldn’t have imagined before.

9. You can fall asleep with them beside you
It can be hard getting used to having someone new in your bed, and it always takes a bit of time to get those cuddle positions juuuust right. Now though, you can’t wait to wake up beside him!

10. It’s not just physical
Sure, you’d jump him right now if you had the chance, but your connection is based on much more than sex. He makes you laugh, you feel secure with him, you can’t wait to see him just to tell him about your day… yup, you’re in love!