Taylor Swift comforts grieving fan on Mother’s Day


TayTay is well known for her kind and loving nature, she often reaches out and offers advice to Swifties in need and this is one of our favourite things about her.

The singer has done it again in a very moving Tumblr post to support a heartbroken girl on Mother's Day.

A fan called Kaileen wrote to Taylor telling her about her beloved mother, how "she's in heaven" and how hard it is at the moment because her mum was her best friend, Taylor then responded with an emotional piece about how losing her own mother is her worst fear and telling Kaileen that she is sending her a hug during this difficult time. 

This comes after the recent news that Taylor's own mother, Andrea, is battling cancer. Taylor expressed her sadness to her loyal followers on Tumblr last month by writing: "I’m saddened to tell you that my mom has been diagnosed with cancer.” 

This will no doubt be a big struggle for Taylor as she tries to focus on her 1989 world tour, without her mum being there for all of her shows. 

We adore how supportive Taylor is of all of her fans, we love that girl too much.

Our thoughts are with Kaileen and Taylor during these tough times.