Taylor is embarking on ‘butt-enhancement’ work-outs.


Taylor likes big butts and she cannot lie…apparently.

It seems the twenty-four-year-old Grammy winner shares many of the same body hang-ups that other girls her age worry about. A source close to the star has shockingly revealed that Taylor thinks her figure is to blame for the current lull in her love life. It really makes us sad to think Taylor would come to that conclusion.

The source close to the Out of the Woods singer spoke to OK! magazine and said: “She figures if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em, so she’s trying a new butt-enhancing workout.”

The singer has come in for criticism in the past for wearing hot pants, which many said didn’t suit her tall, slim figure, but we applauded the beautiful Taylor for wearing what she liked and looking super hot at the same time!

Perhaps the criticism affected her more than we think however, if the latest reports that she’ll do whatever it takes to alter her figure are to be believed. We’re all for going after what you want, but we hope the normally sassy Taylor knows how stunning she looks exactly as she is.