Tattoo engagement rings are all the rage, and we’re not mad about it

When you get engaged, you make a life-long commitment (for the most part, anyway) to love and cherish another human 'til death do you part.

If you fancy making a seriously permanent commitment to the love of your life, why not get engagement/ wedding ring tattoos? 

Yes, really.

This is something we stumbled upon recently, while on a social media binge (don't judge us!)

Countless people are saying 'I do,' with the help of some gorgeous ink to signify their love – and we're so into it! 

Check out some of our favourites:

The simple infinity symbol. 

 A hint of nature. 

vine wedding band tattoo

Are you and your beau big Harry Potter fans? See below. 

Harry Potter Ring Tattoo Meaning Always.

A very special date. 

wedding date tattoo on ring finger

These ones are just really cute. 

Husband and Wife Wedding Band Tattoos

Simple, yet effective (we're in love).

stickandpoketattoo: “ Matching wedding ring tattoos. Tattoo Artist: Ann Pokes ”

Say it with love. 

Expresad cómo os sentís. | 33 tatuajes de anillos de matrimonio imposiblemente dulces, a los que querrás decir: "¡Sí, quiero!"

'When your hearts meet forever.'

Is there any stronger way to tell your partner that you plan on being with them for the rest of your life than by ditching your wedding ring for a wedding band tattoo? We don’t think so. While divorces can... [ read more ]

Celtic symbols for the WIN. 

wedding-ring-tattoo (10)

We love the idea of a tattoo down the side of your finger! 

Wedding dates tattooed. When we get home from our honeymoon! I like the Roman numeral.