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Dublin Zoo today opened “Wolves in the Woods”, a new habitat which will be home to the pack of seven grey wolves. 

Wolves in the Woods is a large and stimulating space for the wolves, it is over 4000 m2 in size and was inspired by the natural habitat of the grey wolf.

The new habitat includes a stunning water feature, a dedicated feeding area and three visitor observation shelters where visitors to the Zoo can observe the wolves.

Grey wolves once lived in the forests of Ireland until their habitat was destroyed and they were hunted to extinction. The last wolf seen in Ireland was in County Carlow in 1786. In some parts of Western Europe and the USA their numbers are increasing thanks to heavy protection and conservation projects that are helping them to regain their old hunting grounds.

Speaking about the new habitat, Leo Oosterweghel, Director of Dublin Zoo, said, “The opening of Wolves in the Woods is yet another milestone on our journey of redeveloping Dublin Zoo into a world class zoo and provide an excellent visitor experience. 

“Every detail of the habitat has been considered carefully with the wellness of the wolf pack in mind and the design was inspired by their natural habitat”.

According to Ciaran McMahon, team leader at Dublin Zoo, the wolf pack is settling in very well to their new home, “I am delighted to say that the wolf pack have adapted to their new habitat very quickly. They are very comfortable and confident in their new surroundings”.

For further information on Wolves in the Wood visit www.facebook.com/dublinzoo or www.dublinzoo.ie



We know Kanye is one of the most controversial stars, and his Famous music video certainly stood out from the crowd, but wait until you see his new video for Wolves.

Doubling as an Autumn/Winter ad campaign for Balmain, the seven-minute long vid is shot in black and white, features the Balmain army and even Kimmy K (Is she going to be in every single music video now?!). Oh, and did we mention Kylie Jenner also makes an appearance?

It's bizarre, Kim and Kanye CRY (?), but the clothes are pretty to look at:

Even though there's no denying Kayne is a creative genius, it's starting to turn into another Kardashian show.