Police in Australia have offered a $1 million reward to those with information which could lead to the return of missing toddler William Tyrrell.

According to The Guardian, police at the head of the investigation into the child’s disappearance have said it is “unacceptable” that his family have not yet received answers in the two years since his disappearance.

Detective Chief Inspector Gary Jubelin – the leader of a 14 man team named Strike Force Rosann which is investigating the case – announced today that a $1 million reward is on offer to anyone in possession of information which would lead to William’s recovery.

The offer is the largest ever made in the history of New South Wales and applies whether the child is found alive or dead.

According to the Brisbane Times, detectives have received information about 600 persons of interest since the toddler first went missing.  200 of those have yet to be fully identified.

ABC added that there has been over 1,000 possible sightings of William reported over the same period.

William was just three years old when he disappeared from his grandmother’s yard while wearing a Spiderman costume on the morning of September 12 2014. 

At the time of his disappearance his mother was inside the house making a cup of tea.

Once the initial investigations into his disappearance were complete, it became clear that foul play was involved but two years on the boy – who would have turned five in June – remains unfound.

The case’s lead investigator has promised William’s family that his team will do “everything possible” to bring the boy home. 

He also dismissed any suggestion that members of the family may have been involved in William’s disappearance.

Jubelin today encouraged the public only to alert authorities with legitimate information. 

He said tip-offs gained through the use of “clairvoyants or dreams” are not of interest but guaranteed the safety of those who do choose to come forward.

Feat image: nbnnews.com.au