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There's a new video game out which slags off Drake and Meek Mill's ongoing feud.

The men were made into a cartoon form for the video game which is inspired by all the fights between the two rappers.

The Otaku Gang game features Meek trying to run away from Drake, while he fires at him from a rocket ship. Oh, and 50 Cent rides on a spaceship too.

Just think real world celeb fights mixed with a bit of Mario Bros. Fancy giving it a go? You can play it here.



In this day and age, virtual reality is second nature to some people as it consumes most of today's popular video games.

But unsurprisingly, grandmothers and grandfathers aren't so used to it. 

So, one Youtuber, Mark Nutt, decided to hook his granny up with a cardboard VR device and the result is absolutely hilarious.

We're getting our own ideas of hooking our grandparents up to one of these too now!



Neal H. Moritz, producer of the Fast and Furious franchise, as well as the 22 Jump Street films, is now turning the classic Sonic the Hedgehog video game into a film.

He’s teaming up with Japan based production company Marza Animation Planet to make a hybrid computer-animated/live-action feature.

We can’t imagine what this is going to turn out like, but we’ll probably have to check it out for the sake of nostalgia!